Snakes alive….

PB200148 It’s a Texas yellow belly water snake, and just like the start to our day…it was a little cold, and slow!

We got started early as the mamas and papas song was in my head, “all the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray”…..


The water was a little cool….just trust me on this…..right Vic!!



the only distress we had was the flow

well…. it was…


low.. only running 178 so we got a good look at al the bottom stuff we almost

never see….

photo(13) And as the river flowed on and we paddled down the sun was out and the day turned out to be fantastic, windy but warm & we had the entire river to just us!

photo(11) so we took our time had some fun and were

already looking forward to Decembers run too…


Here are all the pictures….


PS, yes we left the snake on the river….right Todd?? and we always DO!


Next Eco Tour and the the final tour for 2010  12.18.2010  BE THERE!

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