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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Test Post

December 29, 2010 by mike swope

This is a test post.

If this had been an actual post, then you’d be looking at….

1. pictures

2. kayak dates

3. cool stuff to do for free

4. and most likely a map

Remember …..this is just a test post


were just testing the new and cool features that the blog

will offer in 2011, like…links to Twitter, and Facebook

live mapping from Google maps and lots more, but…


Remember…… this is just a test post


Were just working the kinks out and making sure that

You the blog reader get the most from the new

features and hopefully it makes it easier for us all….





Call Mike at 214 669 1663


Nice weather on Thursday??

December 28, 2010 by mike swope

Looking to paddle one last time in 2010 on WRL???

WRL from the air

This Thursday the weather forecast is 70 degrees

That’s 7 0 degrees…..

close your eyes and think sunny and warm….


we’ll be at the lake for sure, we hope to see you there too!

Coming in 2011 with KayakPower

sneak peek…..

  1. Instructor Class L3 Quintana Island Texas 2/2011
  2. Spring River, river trip    3/2011
  3. Grapevine Lake Shoreline Clean up’s 2/2011

       More LLELA fun, and lots more paddling too!

       Get ready the NEW YEAR starts in 4 days….

The BIG guy in red…..

December 17, 2010 by mike swope

So there I was paddling the sunset on Thursday,

it was just getting dark, you know the that last little bit

of light that makes the twilight….

dallas-texas dusk 2010

And I was thinking of just

how much sunlight I had to

paddle in the next couple

of weeks so …..


I studied my sun path for this part of the world….

dallas-texas 2010and found out that not only

do we gets LOTS of sun, I also noticed that the same basic

sun path is over the North Pole this time of year……


It’s Christmas…right


It made me wonder what the surface temps were between

here and the North Pole so….I looked that up as well…

and guess what????

Temperature, °C

Looks like it’s warmer in Dallas than in the North Pole…


go figure……

Anyway I was wondering if Santa paddles, surely he

does, so why wouldn’t he get in some quality water

time here, you know with the warmer weather…..

So I was loading my kayak up getting ready to head in 

and guess who came paddling in too???

santa paddle 2010

                                      He is a paddler!!!


Merry Christmas




brrrrrr it was cold….

December 14, 2010 by mike swope




And it was windy too……


But if you thought a little wind and cold slows our volunteers

your completely wrong, in fact we haven’t missed a cleanup

since 2003!



So a hearty and warm heartfelt Thanks to everyone who

braved the weather to clean with is in December….





And if you joined us for any of the S4 or any of the special

cleanups during 2010 we also like to extend to you our

Thanks and gratitude on behalf of KayakPower,

The For the Love of the Lake Group and special Thanks

from the City of Dallas Park and Recreations Dept.

because without your help and support ……..



manage the lake and the park and the water so well.



It’s not just fun…………’s KayakPower FUN!

It’s not just clean………’s KayakPower CLEAN


Manage your S4 2011 scheduling needs NOW……

1/8  2/12  3/12  4/9  5/14  6/11  7/9  8/10  9/10 10/8  11/12  12/10

Last Chance for S4 in 2010

December 10, 2010 by mike swope

That’s right, this Saturday the 11th is the last official

Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup of the year!


This weekends clean up and Intro Class is hosted by

Todd Coats L2 ACA Certified Instructor and ….


all around good guy too… if you have questions

please call Todd direct at 214 642 2709


Have a Happy and Safe weekend, and remember to

get trashed with us to start it off!





See you on the WATER!!!

Did we get the run around?

December 8, 2010 by mike swope

Hum….  no we got the cold and the wind and


22,000 new friends… looks like we’ll be tweeting a lot…..

The Marathon was a success at least for us, we had the


1/2 course from mile 10.9 through mile 12.2 ….over a mile

and with most groups 10 volunteers couldn’t handle that,

buy we have …….




Thanks to…

Dan, Marvin, Brian, Todd, Jackie, Rainy, John, Michael,

Charito, & Mike for keeping all but 1 runner on the right

course, and should she be a fan of this blog, were sorry but

by mile 10 were unable to correct the problem!!!!


Join us next year, get a starbucks, make new friends and

get the T shirt too!



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Course Guide for 7:15am meet@Satrbucks

December 4, 2010 by mike swope

The Dallas White Marathon again needs…..


We’ll they need our help any way….

As a volunteer you get a trio of fun..

  1. Free StarBucks,
  2. A DWRM Race T shirt
  3. A KPC whistle

and a chance to see others suffer…. oops I mean..Race!!!

Were handling the confluence of the 1/2 marathon course

back into the full course at miles 10.9 through 11.9


We need you to meet us at the CASA LINDA Starbucks

no later than 7:15 am on Sunday the 5th of December

                                                                  (this Sunday!!!)

Don’t need a startbucks at 7AM but still want to help…OK

Be at any of these locations…

Mile   10.9   Greenville & N Munger

          11     N Munger and Live Oak

          11.9  Live Oak and N Haskell

          12     N Haskell  to finish 

Questions Comments or Concerns????


Just call 214 669 1663……

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