VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Course Guide for 7:15am meet@Satrbucks

The Dallas White Marathon again needs…..


We’ll they need our help any way….

As a volunteer you get a trio of fun..

  1. Free StarBucks,
  2. A DWRM Race T shirt
  3. A KPC whistle

and a chance to see others suffer…. oops I mean..Race!!!

Were handling the confluence of the 1/2 marathon course

back into the full course at miles 10.9 through 11.9


We need you to meet us at the CASA LINDA Starbucks

no later than 7:15 am on Sunday the 5th of December

                                                                  (this Sunday!!!)

Don’t need a startbucks at 7AM but still want to help…OK

Be at any of these locations…

Mile   10.9   Greenville & N Munger

          11     N Munger and Live Oak

          11.9  Live Oak and N Haskell

          12     N Haskell  to finish 

Questions Comments or Concerns????


Just call 214 669 1663……

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