Saturday………… in the park..

Sang to “Chicago’s” hit song……at least in my head???

P1080016It didn’t feel 

like the 4th of July, at least not for Texas but it was nice out, a mild wind and

SUNNY skies for the very first clean up of 2011!

P1080001 Congratulations to Jenny, she won

the 1st prize for being the 1st Volunteer of 2011!!!!  Jenn, your

fully loaded Starbucks card is in the mail, THANK YOU for helping us and

keeping the lake clean!!!


Some of you got a blade wet, and got trash from the water… …..

P1080024 And some of you stayed on Terra Firma and

got trash that way too………..


And some did a little of…


BOTH too!


Thanks Steve!


The lake was fairly clean this month, but with the coming weather event

and the associated North wind, we expect next months clean up to get

P1080042 More trash!


We also like to Thank our friends who showed up with their kayaks..

P1080056And their very own, trash trunk too…….


                                                                  So if you looking for some fun


and don’t mind hanging with your friends at KPC, join us for a S4, grab a

paddle, get in a kayak, bag some trash and  save the planet with us!


For Grace, Todd, Michael, Nettie and Mike on behalf of KayakPower,

THANKS for helping with the Second Saturday Shoreline Cleanup !

Next fun event for the environment…  February 12th 2011


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