It was a little….thin

today on the Elm Fork… it seemed that ACE put a plug in it & ran us dry!!!


Yes… that’s 30 cfs……. or what we call  kayahiking…… check out the pics..


P1150002 P1150005

So we tried to go past the scruff and boney parts to get to the water….

P1150009 P1150006

But you can see yes…those last two shots are almost a mile downstream…

That’s one of our fly fishing friends, standing ankle deep in the middles of the

out flow channel, hoping to land a big one ………. in fact he said he caught

16 so far……hum???… might also remember the shot from the high

water last year showing water about 10 below the same RR bridge!

So you get the low water and your get the high water at LLELA but one

things for sure, when were not hitting the extremes in water flow…..

LLELA is our favorite moving water paddle in North Texas!


Join us in February on the 19th for the next adventure!

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