snow kayaking anyone?

OK we all love to play in the snow….right

In North Texas SNOW is something of a novelty but

anytime we get enough we love a ride down Flagpole Hill..

In a kayak!

Snapshot 2 (2-7-2011 11-31 AM)

A big THANK YOU to Bud Gillette and his photographer

for making Austin a video star too!


Austin’s Winter Kayaking …

Here a link too, to the full professionally edited video!


Snapshot 4 (2-7-2011 11-32 AM)b

I also found out that snow has different density’s too, this snow was a 20 to 1 ratio so it was sticky…so another Big
Thanks to the other Dad’s that gave us a shove!

Snapshot 3 (2-7-2011 11-32 AM)a

Remember if it snow’s this Wednesday, we’ll see you there!


For some unknown reason we couldn’t get

Grace or Jackie

………in the kayak????


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