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WRL S4 …..Cleanup

February 12, 2011 by mike swope

Wow what a change in the weather, in case you…

missed it……

Here’s a 360 degree view for your enjoyment…


WRL S4 KayakPower 360


Besides having lots of fun both on the water on on the



CIMG0242We got some really interesting


CIMG0280Bulk trash….



a huge tree……





A railroad tie,

soaked with water it was about 120 lbs…way to go Danny!


CIMG0277 Wanda found a “bolt” or arrow…


and the really really really really really slick mud too!!!!



Jerry and Chris found… some quality Dad and son time!!!


CIMG0283Steve found a monster mash mug..

and once again a boat load of trash too…




I found DAN..awake and…alert!


Karen found some fuel containers a ball and a way cool


HOTSHOT fishing lure, heck maybe she’ll win the BPS fishing challenge in May…who knows???


But hands down the most interesting and by far the largest trash removed from the lake today was from our newest friend and Jedi trash hound Dean….

CIMG0273This little 10 ft. drainage pipe..

Check out Dean next to his “prize”  Wow Dude!


What makes this really cool, he was in a 8 ft. kayak!!!

Cheers to everyone who help the lake say clean and fresh!



Cleanup March 5th in Irving

And March 12 @ WRL

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