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ACA RRD meeting …..a smashing

March 21, 2011 by mike swope


We had almost 50 people attend the meeting at


McKinney Falls State Park,


and by the way….they have a great park! 

Special Thanks to Laurie with the TPW dept. for the shelter and the setup and registration help along with the lunch shuttle, among other things!!!!! (ps I hope we let the site clean enough for you!!!)

We had door prizes for the meeting, thanks to many generous sponsors…….


And snack from (yummy) cliff bar too!  Thanks!!!


We preached the ACA to the loyal and got great response

to the call for action and for volunteers too……

Rene, were headed to AR for the festival then your next!!!


And what meeting would be complete without…FOOD!!


And thanks to the good people at Austin Canoe and Kayak

They covered us for food at this event, Yeah ACK!!!!!

And during our Lunch and Learn, we had some breakout


groups on subjects and issues facing the RRD the ACA.


so we meet, we ate and now what do we do???

We have Canoe Poling, and SUP demo’s, (some one please send me those pics….please please please…)

We also had Canoeing updates……



We also had Sea Kayaking updates……


And River Kayak updates too!


First Aid and CPR was scheduled for Sunday and we spoke about having a few people at a meeting in Arkansas in late April and June for Louisiana too, Rene!!!

Enjoy this group water pick and see all the pic’s below too.



And Lastly and not leastlly (sp), a

Special Special Special




to Patti



to Barb


When you have these two smart and able bodied

ladies working on a project ……

you better hold on, tight….because they GO!

Thank You Both!


Thanks to all who attended and we look for you in the near future at the next RRD Meeting!

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