Keep Lewisville Beautiful…rides again!

P3230004What a better way to start your Wednesday than being in a kayak on a great spring day in Texas??  Was is the water flowing???

It was, it was, and in fact if was almost perfect….


And good flow, good friends means a great day on the river

So this was a test run for the big September clean up event

so you’ll see the smiling faces again on the river…..


So you better mark your calendar for September, in fact..

for questions or comments  go to     this is the email….

or check out the website at

Cora you missed an outstanding day on the water, but don’t

worry we all pitched in a had a real good time for you!!!


Did I mention the actual date in September…the 17th??

Anyway check out all the pic’s below and remember were

at LLELA both days this weekend for the Eco tour!!!!


Paddle safe, paddle smart, stop dreaming & start paddling!

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