LLELA great hot or cold!

Saturday was great with the Venture Crew, and a great big THANKS to Sabrina for being able to enjoy the near death



Not from paddling or being on the river…..

from being stuck in a kayak with me!

Yes it’s hard work but someone’s got to do it!



Can you tell the before and after from these pic’s??

Here’s a hint….


This is ……during…does that help???

OK so beside us and the adults……. I’m thinking the kids…


Had some fun too, and yes the water was a little…..brisk!

So you’d like to see more of the fun on film????

Look below !!!!

O’ and by the way, this was LLELA on a warm day…….



This is LLELA on cold, or what we like to call….Sunday!!


Boy…what a difference a day makes!!!!

This was exactly 49 degrees and a north wind of about 7mph so it was feeling…..cold at the put in!!!


This was by far the best critter day we have had in 2011..

The list is crazy, mostly we always see…

Great White Heron

Great Blue Heron  (a really big boy too)

King Fishers


Red Tail Hawks

Turkey Vultures

Wild Ducks

and in addition to the above we also were graced with .


Osprey’s  feeding….o so cool…

A coyote  up close and personal….

and the super prize…

The river otter’s…..that right I said otter’s !!!!!!!!!!

They were very shy, and we only got about a 5 sec

glimpse of them but we think we found their condo on the

river so to speak….


This is really exciting stuff, we heard of them up north, but have always hoped this would be a place for them too.

P3270175Also of note….even very cold water and cold air does NOT keep (the human otter) TC out of the river….


And rightly so…. the kayak is just ….much much warmer!



In retrospect, I’d say it was a cool day on the river, but not with the weather, with the sites, the sounds and the fun!





Next Trip

  April 16th   

rain cold or shine!!!!

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