TEXAS Turtle watch

We got wind of this at the S4 on Saturday and this

looks like a great fit for KPC, below are some details and links too!

Established in 2010 at the Fort Worth Zoo through a grant

from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas

Turtle Watch is a citizen science program developed to

collect data on three native turtle species whose population

numbers are poorly understood.


Staff from the Fort Worth Zoo,

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Fort Worth

Nature Center, Texas Master Naturalists,

Texas State University

 Turtle Survival Alliance and the

University of Texas – Arlington

have partnered to develop this wildlife

watch program. After collecting numbers and trends over

time, this data will directly contribute to an understanding of

native turtle species.

Txslider pic 2011

Through the Texas Turtle Watch program, local citizens of

all ages are provided an unique opportunity to explore the

world around them while contributing to local conservation

efforts. Help us by clicking on the links below to get started

and become a Texas Turtle Watcher.

Click here if your interested in this Truly Texas Turtle Trist!


Or the training…


Thanks Carolyn for sending us this info too!!!

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