We paddle again at KING TUT with Play Tri

You know PLAY TRI as the best tri sponsor in N Texas,

We know them as an April paddle party at Stonebridge…


We post these photos of the sunrise for the racers, as they

are swimming at the time they done get to see the same

incredible break of dawn that we do from a kayak…..

Here’s a better perspective from the water…….


Tri’s are hard work for both the racers and PLAY TRI..

P4170082 Up at 3am to get everything

set up and ready to race….including us with the kayaks!


And this year we had some extra fun….. hand loading a

jet ski….P4170084

See that look of concern from the helpers, yes those weigh

a LOT!!!! Thanks to everyone who gave us a hand, too!

Congrats to the winner of the swim race….


You almost swam past the lead kayak too….

Good job for all the kayakers and the rescues too…..



& also to Victoria for completing the swim on her 1st race

A complete success for and from Play Tri and KPC!


Special thanks for Vince and Will, lifeguards & kayakers!


See you at the next Play Tri Race too!

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