Where to eat at Lake Murry??

That’s the easy question of the day……….



See the sailboat, in that corner is the best little place on the

whole lake to grab a burger, it’s called MOM and POPS.

They are at the intersection of 77s and Enville-Ran road

give them a call at 580 276 4900 and get your order to go,

and don’t forget the homemade pie either, it’s so good, we

call ahead to make sure they have enough for us!!!


Tell Wayne or Audra we said to call or stop in, and just in

case you need a place to stay they have very nice

accommodations in trailers and they are busy working on

the cabins too, so if you find yourself at Lake Murry and

need a clean and comfy place to stay, along with great


Well now you know!! 

By the way the hamburger with Brisket is…….

 O U T S T A N D I N G!

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