BPS Demo and fishing/windsurfing tourney…


We set up the challenge course, and the wind blew…

We set up the Slalom gates and the wind blew harder..



We got folks in kayaks and headed upwind……….


only to have them get blown downwind,

by the 36+ mph wind


And some, (Thanks Steve) got the full value of the demo!


Thanks to Ryan….


the Camping GM at BPS for letting us use the dock…

And to Allen for helping us keep the folks safe…



And for that lift and load help too…..

So if you were at the demo please check out your

photo in the group below, and yes feel free to download

and share with all your friends, including those that didn’t

get to kayak in the north sea conditions last Sat and Sun!


The photos were professionally shot by Mike Gibson

469 713 7659

Check out his work at….


and or /kayakpower   for our all shots too!

And remember the Bass Fishing is still on for the fall and hopefully with better wind conditions for kayaking too!

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