Weekend Update ….

Happy pre Friday fellow paddlers!


Hopefully you got to go paddling with us at BPS last weekend in the ahem…very strong wind…for some it was a blast for others…….


Maybe not so much…

But all’s wells that end’s well, and Steve got back in that kayak and had a great time!

The Intro 2 Kayaking is

at Grapevine Lake @ Rockledge Park

on Saturday June 4th at 9am

At only $125 it’s the best value in instruction in the North Texas area, with free return to class, free full day rental and were also jam packed with lots if BANG too!

If you know what I’m talking about……….

Class size is limited but we still have room for  YOU!


Were also doing a Tri this weekend with PLAYTRI,

and we need your help both Saturday and Sunday too…

Were back at Las Colinas by the Marriott for a

Saturday Swim Race here’s the detail…

Current water temperature: 79 degrees F

When          Saturday, June 4, 2011
  • We need you there by 11:30 to be ready for these races!
  • 12:30pm 300 meter beginner swim
  • 12:45pm 750 meter swim
  • 1:15pm 1500 meter swim
  • The Marriott Las Colinas
    223 West Las Colinas Blvd.
    Irving, TX

Swim Race: 300 meter, 750 meter and 1500 meter swim

We pay our Volunteers…you get $ 20 in cash and a racers T shirt too, for your volunteering and O…by the way …you get to paddle too!

We need about 6 folks who like to paddle and have fun too!


Sunday PlayTri Tri  very early in the am…


You need to be ready to paddle by 6:45am!


Marriott Las Colinas
223 West Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX


RBM International Distance: 1500 meter swim – 24 mile bike (2 loops) – 10k run (2 loops)

Sprint Triathlon: 500 meter swim – 12 mile bike – 5k run

My First Tri: 300 meter swim – 12 mile bike – 2mi run


This is paid volunteer event, we need about 12 folks who can paddle and like to have fun too…even early in the AM!

Please Call or TM or email me at

214 669 1663 TM the same number or mike@kayakpower.com

If you’d like to be paid to paddle!

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