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& the swimming was so much fun…..

June 7, 2011 by mike swope

We thought we’d  “Tri” it again……..

at the crack of Dawn on Sunday in Las Colinas

with Staci and Playtri


And with the Irving Fire Dept.

who by the way send there

most experienced rescue


personal, and let me tell you, the guys are “fired up”

about Safety!        I waited all year for that one!!!


so anyway…the gun fires and

were of and swimming on the

first leg of the tri……..


The start is always crowed by the racers thin out as the

race distance sets in…. we raced 1500M 500M and 300M

and this is much tougher than a pool, first you can see in

the water, second, the sun is making it hard to see above

the water, and so one is trying to kick you in the face all at

the same time…in kayaking we call those conditions…



Not to mention your breathing

really hard, your racing…duh!

and you have a little biking


and running let for your morning as well!

That’s the reason we watch you a little closer on a TRI


as we might see a little drop off in the Adrenaline

before you get to the stairs and climb out of the water……


Congratulations to all the

swimmers, both the racers

and the pacers…


It’s not about the time, it’s

about racing yourself

and finishing too!




Check out the photos below and check us out next week

too at the ………..Swim Across America event

at Lake Ray Hubbard, near the Harbor on the far east side!



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