Sunday Cleanup @ WRL


If you trash it they will come, seems like a bad movie right?’s true, thanks to a sister meet up group we did a

Sunday Clean Up at WRL, and O Boy did we get the trash.

A super big round a of applause for our man above and

below, he paddled the biggest kayak and got the biggest

trash too!  Way to be… my friend!


We all wish we could paddle and

trash like you did!


We also like to thank the group for

showing up with so many folks too!



Because many hands make light works of…..

ridding the lake of Trash!

And thanks to all the folks both in the kayaks…


and on the ground that made this clean up a success!



Don’t talk about helping……..HELP

Don’t wish you could make a difference,  DO IT!

and never, and I mean never….

Stop Dreaming about padding with with KayakPower!



Does your group, company, friends, or association

what to do a environmental cleanup in the greater

North Texas Watershed area?  call 214 669 1663

for detailed info today!

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