S4 you’ll never guess what we found…

a puppy….


So that’s what I call a clean up!

We thinking of a name for the pup

Rocky, or maybe Lake Dog or

maybe, you have a great name for

the pup???


Currently she is resting at Peggy house in Plano in the nice and cool air conditioning and recovering nicely!


Ahem we also got some less interesting trash from some of

our very own trash hounds too, we got a window, we asked

if he would paddle back out and look for the rest of the

house too, he declined saying a house was too large for

his kayak, we respectfully agreed too!


Thanks to Nettie, Michael, TJ and Peggy for running the

cleanup as we had two events and certainly did not want a

dirty lake, in fact we became an official AAS group from the

Love of the Lake in June of 2003, so this clean up makes

8 years of keeping WRL clean, Thanks of course to our

SUPER COOL and Environmentally minded Volunteers!



Without them…….

we’ll just thank your lucky stars we have them!


Also I like to thank Charito for the great photos of the S4 !!


In fact we were so excited after the cleanup, we had a

KayakPower group lunch at one of our favorite eateries….

It’s kind of a secret so please don’t tell the “none” kayaking,

“none” cleaning type of folks, less they over crowd our fun!



See you next month

at 4100 Jackson Point

on the West side of

Whiterock Lake

at 9am for the …






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