UNT paddles again at LLELA

With KPC!! and a little help from Brian…

OK a LOT of help from…..

Brian, & Heather, & Danica & also from Cam too!


We might have got some, and I mean some help…..


from the kids too, I mean they looked ok…….

until I started talking about kayaking and hazards and other

stuff, I ‘m not sure I may have “lost them”……for a few…..


But I can say with a great deal of certainty that the day..

was a great day to paddle, it was clear and mild wind

with a great water flow, in fact it was more of a float today!


Here’s the group shot of the initial kayakers…..


If some look wet, I’m sure I really don’t know how that

ahem…….happened??? I do know it wasn’t due to

splashing, really……trust me!!!!!


Also this second group may look a little moist too…..


They were hot… so, we quickly figured out a way to

“cool “ them down, they seemed to like it!

Anyway, you can count the kids in both pictures, I’m

thinking we only had a couple, maybe 3 that we forgot…

Not to worry, we’ll grab them next time we paddle with

our friends at the UNT camps!


By the way if you have a chance to chat with Brain,

ask him if the kids enjoyed the whistles on the bus ride

back to the campus?? I’m guessing YES!!!!


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