569 + 26 + 1 =



You start with a few kayak, and some assorted gear and equipment too……and if your lucky you get a good river flow of more than 500, in our case it was 596 cubic feet per second of water, cool clean and clear water from about 65 feet below the dam at Lake Lewisville…


Add in some friendly folks , 26 to be exact!!! and you have the recipe for a really fun time on the water with KayakPower…..

We didn’t invent the river trip, we just perfected the fun part of it, and maybe we had some help too….


And before you bomb me with email request or tweet me silly or post on my wall, the answer is no, we don’t have our instructors kiss every client…. this guy was just in the right place at the right time!

good thing the water was cold!!!


And the Gatorade and the cookies, the apples, the bananas and the other snacks too, but just how much time can you spend snacking next to the river…..


apparently a lot…. if you can do both, & you have skills like Jim!    Just fyi he noted the apples we had for snacks…tasted very applely…. …

were THAT good!


When we got done with playing in the water we also got


some un-posed and candid shots of the group….


but we can’t spend all day playing, we had to grease up and get ready for the final push to the take-out….


What???   the sun was very strong on Saturday!!!!!

and what time would be complete without the serious pic??


in fact please feel free to grab any and all of the pictures

FOR FREE from the blog below ……


Don’t miss the fun next month… July’s Eco Tour is

07.16.2011  Paddle wet at 8am to beat the heat in TX!!!

Note the new start time, note the fun above, and ask

yourself this question….


What’s missing from this picture?

Answer:  YOU!



Stop dreaming and start paddling!    with KPC!!!!!

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