Fun on the water…

We got concerned that with the 4th just around the corner

we need some practice paddle time before the big


….so we hit the water on Grapevine Lake


               and on Lake Ray Hubbard too……







These are some of the happy renters that get value for

there rental dollar up to 4 hours of water fun for just $25..

        Centennial Event at WRL  1911- 2011

And we made it to the Bathhouse too at WRL, in fact it was

the biggest party that place has seen in about 100 years…

Make that exactly 100 years, as we were there for the

LOVE OF THE LAKE beach party of the century……

We had kayaks ready despite the high wind, but these

folks lay caution to the …”ahem”   wind and paddled

anyway, in fact it was a really nice way to cool off too…


We had kids…..



                             We had Mom’s



                                                   We had couples too…







We also had fun in the Sun along with

the food, the tunes, spin that Ipod Mr. DJ

and the feeling that we made the party from 1911…

Proud of Us and hopefully the folks in 2111 will think hard

before they act, but who knows, maybe they’ll have ……

kayak hover boards by them…..

backtothefuture_hoverboardRIGHT ..MARTY????


Thanks to the Love of the Lake and also to the fantastic

supporters of the group too, the whole weekend was great!


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