Get blown away at Kayak Kamp, literally in fact we had several rescues and despite the fact the pond may contain a very large reptile, no kids were lost during the Kamp!


During the previous Friday we had wind gust of over 40 mph and needless to say we adults had fun on the water and the kites oops the kids had a little more challenge than we did because of the wind….






Thanks to the volunteers and of course Lisa,


we had a great time both last week and this week too

Besides teaching the basic’s of water safety and personal responsibility to the young one’s we got to let our own…inner child out to paddle.

Also a special thanks to Nettie,

IMAG0345 TJ and Ken for the support of the class as well, it was less wind last Friday but that also means more heat too!

But we still had all the kids in kayaks and all the fun we could have and still be legal!

Join us for a Kids Kamp, a Beaver Pond Paddle or a Eco Tour at LLELA and maybe we stay just this side of legal with you too!

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