Inter City Youth get paddled

With KPC and the Dallas Arboretum…….


It was a lovely day at the lake with the Filter building in the foreground and the Dallas skyline in the background, and very warm July 1st awaited the kids…


We hit the water and practiced all the new found ground skills we learned …Even if you are a young adult, you need to know how to make your kayak…

go…stop…turn right…turn left and most importantly..

How to vogue for the camera while showing off your skills!


Your crazy kayaking skills!


We had fun seeing if we could get the group together


And we did, and we also did it in record time too……

Just under 2 hours!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding of course……..

That’s not a record!


O and for something really cool…

I shot this picture of these “hot” chicks on the safety boat


then I also shot Ann, the fearless leader for the group…



And you guessed it…


She was shooting the safety boat too!



I guess it’s just something

about a bright orange kayak on the water on a sunny day…

I wonder if these guys took a picture too??


Thanks to the kids and thanks to Ann too, and a special

Thanks to Mike Gibson, ( see in the background, 2 instant

small printers and inside the cab, a full size printer too, 3

printers on site…WOW!


for the mobile printing, as each kids went home with a color

8×11 group photo shot,

Mike you rock on the water and behind the camera too!

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