Intro to Kayaking

Should have been renamed as Intro to Heat and how to

prevent heat related illness….. OK maybe I’m just a little

over the top on this but boy was it hot!


We had lots of water and tea and fruit and more water and

more snacks and more water, and that was before we

even got into a kayak!


We managed to get through the ground part of the

instruction and no one passed out … from the heat!


So we made it to the water, and if your not aware….

while in a kayak and on the water you get the sun direct and then you get the sun again, in the reflection from the water, thank goodness for the even slight wind………


And the water in the ice chest and the tea and the fruit…

Do you  see a pattern????


And just to address and repeating issue we get…

No we don’t lecture till the students are blue in the face…

We Lecture till the instructors are blue in the lips!


No really…. it’s the zinc but just with a cool new color,

kind of reminds you of water..doesn’t it!

Anyway, we got the skills done …..


And moved on to the rescues….



Where we train

on dry ground first,

before we head to the water..and go ahead and test these

guys, I personally guarantee they all can exit a skirt, almost

as fast as they can hydrate too!

Did I mention to drink water???  Just checking….

and speaking of checking, checkout the photo’s below…


Thanks to all who paddled with us at the lake and

remember this very nice lady in smiling


Not because….

She got out without falling….

She and her family get a FREE rental included w/class

She and her family can join us again anytime for free

She’s smiling because….

besides learning about kayaks and kayaking,

besides being safe, besides being well hydrated

and learning……

She had fun with KayakPower!!!

Join us for the fun, next time, and you too can

Stop Dreaming and Start Paddling!

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