Happy 50th B-Day to the


And …..in keeping with last years tradition…..

The IRON BUTT II was the 4th of July weekend…

The brain child of this man….


Yes this is how his brain works, and thankfully

for the club…

it works for us!!!  


As you may remember the IB II is a test not only of the

physical extreme, but the mental extreme as well…..

you as a competitor must complete in three water based events, that include….

sailing a two man sailboat,


sailing a solo sailboat…

and as the final water based event…..

You must kayak a short 3 miles course!!!!!



A colorful fleet was assembled and the competitors were

briefed and the race was started promptly at 5:26pm-cdst.

A quick note.. were not aware of any other 3 water event tri that uses all human or wind powered craft, and would love to know if you have every heard of any “tri” style races like this ???


The kayaking is the final leg of the event…

and as expected

some of the sailors were fast…

very fast in the sail boats……


This was the KAYAKING leg start buoy,

and the course (3 miler) might have ……….

paddled a little short this race, but I can assure you the 105

degree temperature had nothing to do with….

how ling the course was set up, but……………

just in case your wondering the temperature inside the

_ _ _ _ cooler, where we keep the drinks cold was closer

to 55 degrees!  Ah…. the joys of ice!


Any way….  the racers screamed on and hit the water as

hard as you can with a paddle and to the finishers and 

all of the competitors


YOU did a great job of ….


Having Fun

Hanging Out

Sharing food and drinks with friends

Listening to the band &

Watching fireworks at the lake….


                          Gosh, how’d you spend the 4th??


Happy Holiday from KayakPower!



S4 – Sat July 9th 9am 11am

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