If you joined us for the cleanup, we’d like to THANK YOU!


As you know were here with the “For the Love of the Lake” group and the clean up of WRL, but were also in support of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, and the new leadership of this district and of course the “boots on the ground” of our working DPARD friends too!


We had a great group of folks that paddled and got trashed….. or got the lake un-trashed as it were…..


And of course any of the bags or other debris we remove

Our buddy Mr. R must remove……. too!!!


In fact he’s so fast at just that….

It makes it look like we did not collect

some 50 bags of trash and recycle

along with some wood and lots and lots

plastic and styrofoam too!



The kids helped ……..

And so did the kids at heart too!


We even had our friends from VC 842 join us for both,

a shoreline clean up and a water clean up on Saturday…..


So if your concerns are environmental and you like to paddle while your saving the earth…. please bring the



Bring the friends…


We’ll grab the yaks and we’ll all grab the trash!



Check out all the trashy photo’s below or join us in August

8.12.2011 and be part of the success…your success!!!


Stop Dreaming and Start Paddling!

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