Eco Tour Saturday Edition


With such a small group it was hard to paddle up to each person, kind of get to know them and then splash them really really good,

but you know Me…I tried hard too….



But I also had some heady splash back, but I won’t name

names…will I ????

Anyway, we had great water flow 626, yup……

you read that right!!

The best flow of the year, and made for some interesting

moving water moves in the kayak too….but no one flipped..



Trust me…….



No one! but we did get wet…




And why not the water temp was about 75 which felt like

about 50 cooler than the air temp….OK maybe 30….

I’m also not sure how much wildlife was observed….

unless you count the kayakers…that is…


                         ENJOY THIS VIDEO


can you tell which direction the river flows???

           so why not check out your photos below??


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