Certification Class

A Super Success!  Thanks to ….


Ken, Lisa, Steve, Wanda, Ken, Erin, Gary, Richard & Diane

Way to go!!!!!!

These brave folks did what it took to go all the way!

They are now proud members of the ACA Instructors family

and will be paddling professionally in and around the local

area, so if you see them be sure and congratulate them!


The classroom was provided

by the friendly folks at LLELA

and had several great

features that were a benefit

to learning, but none more important than air conditioning!!!

We got outside and used the cool waters of Lake Lewisville

for water training…P7230027

And just in case your not sure

yes it was hot in the sun and

on the water too, but as I’m

always saying…anything

worth working hard for will add value to your skills, and

kayaking is no exception to that, teaching and learning is

hard work and doing it right the first time is important!


An this might look like a lecture    but it’s really interactive


See!!!  Kayaking is a lot of touching and doing too!


The ACA’s certification is two parts an IDW and ICE

for the Instructor Development Workshop sometimes we

hold their hands……..literally!        Right Ken……


Once we complete the

basic’s on the ground, we

move to the water, and see

how we do with the more

dynamic environment, what we call …“live water”!!!


And sure we take breaks and eat and drink and drink and drink too…..

Just a quick note about Hickory Creek Park, it is NOT a

pay and leave park, please be prepared to pay at each

entrance! They also have a senior discount too if your 62

or over….  Just FYI!!!

And a quick shout out to our coast guard friends… yes we

understand the buoys what say… NO BOATS also mean

no kayaks too. And if you need a Park Ranger at the park

for a non emergency call   Ranger Pringle at 214 850 2112

he’s a good man! Thanks Ranger Pringle!!!


So if you got what it takes join us at the next cert class in

October and you too could be among the professional

paddlers that have a passion for the outdoors and act on

that passion so more people can paddle safe and smart!


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