LMF report

Third times a charm….

or in this case a flashing light and a loud alarm….


That’s 900 plus on it was to over 2000, and o my was it fun to paddle, it hides most of the rocks, and makes the surfing

a bit more sporty…..


Thanks Todd for the video!

And yes this was at the lower flow……


trying to have fun!


Just so you’ll know this area has become very popular

on the first run we had some 60 people at the putin, some

200 already on the river and almost 10 of those people

wearing pfd’s out of that group….

most did however have a pfd’s, sometime two on

the beer cooler…did I mention is this OKLAHOMA???


Despite the fact we were outnumbered, we did have

watercraft that were much more maneuverable and fun to

be in too.

Did we have fun…YES

Will we go again….YES

Here is the best reason to go too…….


This was the 2nd run, the 3rd run we had the river to just

us, no drunk floaters, no wild partyers, just the LMF

900 cfs and your ability to paddle in current!


Remember the White Water Certification Class is

in October, you can be part of the fun too!

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