Sorry with the weather and the wind and the race on Sunday we decided to error on the side of complete SAFETY and reschedule the Full Moon Paddle to next month, if your still interested in the nighttime experience please join us in September, THANKS!


And speaking of the race, We need volunteers….

let me define that term Volunteer…

KPC Volunteer – a person who braves the very early morning hours to drive a long way to help support a PLAYTRI race and get a free T shirt along with a clean crisp dead president, and enjoy some time on the water with a few hundred new friends.



Sometimes we have so much fun we forget

were getting PAID to paddle a kayak! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were at Holiday Park

on the West side of Benbrook Lake in Fort Worth,

we are paddles wet at 6:30 am and

we’ll be off the water by 9am.

We provide all the gear and equipment and all we ask is

you be on time or better yet you be EARLY, (and No Dan

were not talking about you….)  


Questions Comments or Concerns??


214 669 1663

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