LLELA 3 fer…..

Ok we know it’s hot… but that’s EXACTLY

why we did LLELA times 3!!!!! 

Because it was hot and the water was NOT!

Friday was a night paddle, just us, some moonlight, the

critters and the fast flow…because of the flow…. the trip

only took 2 hours, and yes we had headlights, bug spray

and Margaritas, oops I mean water along the way……

Here the best pictures from the evening paddle, see if you

can see the very rare and elusive moon moth in the pic…..


You kinda have to squint….

Saturday was a different story, we had some new friends..

along with some old ones too!


And boy (scout) did we have fun!!!             But……hehe


it wasn’t all fun, some of the scouts were working their

kayak merit badge skills as well, hoping to get the Kayak

skills on their BSA master list of really cool things for 2011!


IMAG0678Like the defensive swim





Or my fav…

Texas 2 Step!!!


All in all we had a great time

on the water THANKS to Troop 435 for paddling with KPC!


O, I almost forgot Sunday too, it was a smaller more

ahem….adult crowd…


But………..  just as happy…..


OK almost as happy…..



Really they were ALL from this country!!! Right Wanda??


wasting time on the river

Check out all the vid’s & Pic’s & join us next time for the fun!


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