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Super Saturday at Lake Grapevine…..

September 4, 2011 by mike swope

We start with the video to set the stage……..


Rockledge Park

You know it’s a funny you get some folks, some kayaks,

add in a nice day and nice weather, and what do you get?

_9037365and if you think they had fun

on the ground……



learning new skills and doing that

Mother Daughter thing……


check this out….


So you can bring the kids…both young and …ahem

well just the kids……


and the little kids that are still in us too!


And gosh darn if we don’t have a blast, in fact the 6 hours

go poof, and it’s time to go…..


Check out all the photos and also the photo credit to

Steve, and to Todd, and also to our newest water

photographer, or should I say….underwater

photographer for this very very cool pic…….check it out


That is a …

underwater inside the kayak self portrait….COOL!



See you at the


next Saturday!

Stop Dreaming

Start Paddling



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