KPC Phone


the 214 669 1663 number

is currently down..

something to do with the

Brazos River and the

2nd Seal Line dry bag




Anyway the phone got a little moist during the class, so

if you think your me or Marvin just follow these simple steps


1. Get the phone out of river water. Immediately.
2. Pull the battery out. (If you don’t have access to the battery, power the phone down as fast as you can.)
3. Wipe off as much mud water as you can. Both inside and out. Q-Tips and cotton balls and a high pressure washer can be helpful here.
4. Leave the phone open, battery out, so as much of the phone as possible is accessible to the air. A good lack on the hood of your truck…unless it rains and gets the phone wet…again!!
5. Put the phone to dry, near a fan, air-conditioning, heater (not on the heater you don’t want to do more damage to your muddy and wet phone.) And leave it there.
5(a.) Some people prefer to use a desiccating agent. I use uncooked rice. Those little packets that come with your shoes or in medicine bottles work too. If you like to go that route, put your phone in a container with the agent. Then leave it there.
6. Seriously. Leave it there.(while you call Sprint yet again with the it got wet in the river excuse) I know it is painful and you want to see if your phone works. But I fried my iPhone by turning it on 8 hours after I put it away to dry out. That isn’t enough time. The phone needs to have time to completely dry out. So wait.
7. After at least 3-4 days put your phone back together, hold your breath and turn it on.
8. If it works, congratulations. If it doesn’t work, I’m sorry, you lost the water-damaged cell phone lottery. If it works but then all of a sudden you hear a fzzt sound, you won and then you lost, because your phone wasn’t dry and you fried it by turning it on too soon.

Note the at least 3-4 days. I left my Evo for 4 days. If you can leave it longer, leave it longer. Especially a phone like the iPhone which cannot be opened.

What if you dropped your phone in another liquid?

It is better to drop your phone in pure water. Of course, it is better not to drop your phone in water at all, such is life.

The steps are very similar to those above:

1. Get it out of the liquid.
2. Pull out the battery (or turn it off if you can’t access the battery)
3. Wipe it down and clear out as much liquid as you can.
4. Rinse it in pure water.  Yes, that’s right, rinse it. You can’t hurt it any more than you already have. This is just a quick rinse.
5. Consider putting it in an alcohol bath, preferably 95%  alcohol. The alcohol can help remove any microscopic items that might be in the phone. Alcohol can also help dry out the phone. Don’t leave it in the bath very long. Just a brief bathing.
6. Wipe it down, get out as much liquid as you can.
7. Put it aside and leave it for at least 3-4 days to dry out.
7(a.) You can use a desiccating agent as above.
8. Put it back together, turn it on and see if it works.
9. Jump around happily or start cursing.

and please follow these tips should you phone get wet too!

Please use this email until I call you!!!  PLEASE & THANKS!


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