Sunday LLELA Run for

REI, do you know what REI stands for??


Really Fun Employees Interested in Kayaking?


So if your were on this trip….you are an employee of REI and work (I use that term loosely) at the Dallas store,

I have a trivia question for you…..

The first person to hit me with a correct email

WINS a brand new Seal Line waterproof cell phone bag!!!!!

here it is..

What year did REI Store # 45 open it’s doors?

Good Luck!


So back at the river and LLELA..

Check out these folks…






totally unscripted photos too!               Trust Me!

An what better than just these photos???   How about

All the photos below too, just click the link, then use your

REI employee number as your user name and your

16 digit credit card # as your password…….

We’ll get the x date and v code later    Smile


NEXT INTRO CLASS 11/5/2011 Tyler State PARK

Did you know Active REI employees get 50% KPC

Kayak Instruction Classes??

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