Clean Up



That’s right it’s this weekend and guess what……

where in town

& ready to clean from a KPC kayak too!


so your in luck,                  it looks like….

1. it’s the Second Saturday of the month….

2. We’ll have Great weekend weather!!!

3. the kayaks are joining us!

3. Time to get out an clean the lake and paddle for free!!!


JOIN us for the 2nd to last clean up of 2011

Live at Jackson Point on the west side of Whiterock Lake.

Clean up time from 9am to 11 am free paddle till 12 noon!


Two (2) prizes for Saturday…

1. for the 1st person that comes up to me an says…..

Surprised smile my the lake is dirty I’d sure like to clean it up!

    must be said during the clean up hours!

2. the largest amount of trash by weight.


Cool prizes too!


questions comments or concerns?

214 669 1663




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