Along with S4 we had a work day at WRBC & a FTLOTL

Paddle event at Sunset bay too!  Wow a busy Saturday!


So  the Conrad HS kids showed up to help clean, and that’s exactly what they did too. Most of these kids are new to paddling, and to this country too, so we were excited to spread the word on environmental ethics at the clean up.

They were fast learners too!



Off and on the water!





I think everyone had a good time too???     Duh!

Check out all the pictures below too…..


As for the winners of the contest for trash…..

Congrdulations to Kevin for the cleanup words…

and to Ken for the most trash by weight, Ken being the smart kayaker thought about how to make the most of the weight issue and brought back a full 55 gal drum…..


So some quick math… 55 x’s 8 equal 440 lbs plus …..

Hey it only took 5 of use to get it on shore………….


And yes we could have let the liquid out but… it had a very strong odor and was bright blue in color…wonder where it was going to ……or worse….FROM!!!!!!




As for the WRBC, well…….. Kalynn was out of town on business so we grabbed Kathy and her cool friend Meg,


Marvin and myself did get some work done, mostly brain work but you can see the ladies on the dock in the wind!

We discussed a special and final kayak work day for the club on a less windy day and with Kw too, to finish the steps and make the kayak area 100% for 2012.


For the Love of The Lake 


Volunteer Picnic @ Sunset Bay, OK we’ll admit it…

The bird guy stole some of our thunder, ya think?

His hawk was uber cool and was really ready to fly.

We did manage to get a kayak on the water…..


So thanks to Steve’s grandson.

We did NOT go dry at this event!


So we made the east side twice today, and the west side once, gosh, I can hardly wait till Sunday!


Join us for the December S4 where we give away lots of year end swag too!

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