the curious case of the picnic table and….

Riverside dining on the Elm Fork……

It’s starts off as a typical day on the river, lots of fun excitement and adventure awaits us….. (you can read about the Eco Tour on the previous blog!)

We round the corner at the 1/2 mile mark and we find some

riverside dining, hum…….make that “in” river dining!

This Picnic Table  was table part down when I

found it, So I moved it to DSCF1051

hopefully let it start drying

out, I had some plans for

later, to get it back in service

at LLELA, who knows we

may need it next time we camp!


So (after the Eco Tour we..)

we floated back down

river with a couple of kayaks

and flipped the table over on

top of the double kayak, we used it

as a raft to cross the river to the road side….

We had a air team….running surveillance, Thanks Girls!

the water team & the ground team..


The ground team was waiting with the  support

gear….a rope and a truck!DSCF1112


We got the tabled up on edge

table side down and used the horsepower to bring it up on

the ground…..

Check out this action shot!


We recovered the second kayak and got the table on the


truck ready for the short drive back into service at LLELA





So the wayward table is

back in service at LLELA someone is using it today and

they have no idea just what journeys that picnic table has 

been on.. they just know it supports the food and the drinks

and provides a place for the family to be together and have

fun outside.

So next time those rowdy folks that break the rules and get

a little frisky with the furniture at the camp  and start to

think about how to express their style of humor…..




Because you don’t want to mess with TEXAS

and you sure

don’t want to mess with these men either!


Thanks to everyone who said that talk was cheap then

said follow me leadership is a better plan!



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