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S4 report…..

December 10, 2011 by mike swope

What a day, this time we got lucky and the weather was tough to start and got better as the clocked away to …

Perfect weather at the Lake!!!

And because we had perfect weather….


No one was board……

Ahahahahahahaha…OK on the other pics…

despite the ahem…conditions   we gather a bunch of trash!



To make that even more impressive we did it with only

a few folks, few but all trash hounds through and through!


And if you like the board word play….you would have…

had a ball with us today too!




to all of 2011 Volunteers

for making the

lake a better place

to paddle in all year!

Check out all the photo’s here and don’t miss our last event


ECO Tour Elm fork Trinity River Saturday 12.17.2011


Happy Holidays!

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