Beavers and Canadian Lynx

So with the wacky weather…you know hot then cold

Wet then dry, remember enjoy the rain it might not rain

from March to October it been….well   wacky…..

We had some interesting developments………


1st The Beaver Pond at LLELA

Its ready for paddling…….CameraZOOM-20120128140830762

CameraZOOM-20120128140758913Such a cool paddle trail and so close to the us too!


Check out the live report from this weekend too..


BEAVER POND is ready for Fun


And for the other wild person…. oops I mean wildlife

Check out this video from Wanda from here early morning

workout at the lake..just a quick workout and a little nature

nature with a 4 paws big claws and big teeth too…..


good thing Wanda is not on the food chain at WRL!!!

You never know who…or what your going to see but…

That is exactly what makes life fun!

See ya on the water…or at least close to it!!!

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