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February 12, 2012 by mike swope

it was a little cold and a little windy  at the lake on Saturday


A slight north wind..

Sorry about the fuzzy video, the software was overloaded

with things moving….. thanks Steve!

It was also a little cold too…


That was the water temp…. a brisk 50  the air was a little

colder than that…  thanks Ken

So crazy conditions early morning you’d think we’d have

no volunteers right……


Ha! better think again…IMAG0330

The first brave soul got their very own Starbucks card!

Just a little warm thank you from kayakpower!


We also got the kids out, the had fun…..freezing fun…




it was too cold for the youngsters on the water so we

talked about kayaking and safety, and trash!


We did have some hardy folks take to the water…




We didn’t get a ton of trash… but the wind from the North blows it away from us on over to the dam…..


Remember were at the lake cleaning every 2nd Saturday

were at  4100 West Lawther


Look for the kayaks the friendly people and the lake!


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