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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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LLELA trip report…

April 28, 2012 by mike swope

What can I say….


Perfect weather, perfect folks, perfect time!  THANKS!


Next trip departs 3rd Saturday in May, Please join us!

LLELA Splash & Dash and Hats photo update

April 26, 2012 by mike swope

Don’t forget ..this weekend the 28th were doing the LLELA trip…..finally..and Thank Goodness! Join us at the put in at river side between 9 and 10 am…paddles wet 10am!

A big Thanks to Bubba check out his Splash and Dash Photos, and remember if you missed the fun you can join us in May at Hidden Cove, maybe by May it wont be so hidden??  Maybe??


Nice pic eh?  check them all out below, thanks Bubba!



And a BIG thanks to Steve for his great shots and what a difference a large format camera makes…..

_4210390_4210395 (2)

gosh I love a successful wet exit too, and in coolish water!

Fred Rocks!!! And perhaps rolls too….LOL a little kayak

humor…I know….very little!

Check them all out below and join us again in May with

HATS on lake Whitney at Lofers Bend…



See ya on the Water, and remember Be Safe & Have FUN!

We did a double….

April 22, 2012 by mike swope

We supported our friends at Playtri on there swim race


thanks to Mary, Bubba, Wanda, Brian and of course Todd too.

This race was at Hidden Cove park, and you talk about a correctly named location, wow Frisco needs lots and lots of road work!!! The detour to enter the park was 7 turns through a new development, Please Frisco hurry the roads!

Anyway…back to the race it was a success, the weather worked in our favor and we got to paddle a cool location of the lake.  Hope to see you at the next Playtri event too!


High Adventure Treks or HATS had a Dad’s and Son’s and

a Dad’s and Daughters weekend on Lake Whitney at Lofers Bend. By the way who names these locations on water?? and does that job pay well??  Sorry back to Hats…


We had a small group…by “Hats” standards  less than 20!

It was the guys and the girls together so we had some fun

with that too! The Dad’s were great (as usual) and we got

a lot of kayaking in for the entire group.


Thanks to Dave and Alex and Steve and Sara we had lots

of support, and lest we forget Ricardo and his son were

super in their performance too keeping us on the water!


We even had time for some paddling boarding too!



Check out all the photos below…



      Don’t just paddle a kayak….

                   Paddle it with                 


TRI fun at Stonebridge

April 15, 2012 by mike swope

Yes it was iffy weather, and yes we still had fun..wet but FUN!!!

We started early…..


because of the weather …or threat of the weather


Lined up for the 1st heat…


and their OFF!!!!

P4150087 and were racing…..

we did have some early issues….



can you see the first issue…ahem…. Bubba??

some of the other issues had to do with water temp…


But not to worry….with the team of Safety including Randy


on the Ski and Monica and the LG team all swimmers


                          were safe!  AGAIN!!

      Here’s the complete team and all the pic’s too!


Join us next week at Lewisville Lake for the next Playtri

Think Kayaking …. Think KAYAKPOWER!


April 14, 2012 by mike swope

OK I sometime start with the goofy face photos….


Other times I talk about the weather the wind or the cold..


Or about what cool stuff people collected from the lake..


But today let me just say….


If you gave up your Saturday morning to come out

collect trash and make the lake a better place for all

you’re a HERO in my book!  Thank You!


Check out the HERO’s  photos below….


Join us ON Sunday in McKinney for a Tri or next Month

May 12 for the S4 at WRL on Jackson Point!

Kayakpower make a great Au Pair with FUN!

April 8, 2012 by mike swope

So we had a rental group at Grapevine lake on Saturday.

There were some very smart and fun loving young ladies…

and gentlemen too



So we put our heads together…..


and LOL came up with a




FUN on the water!!!


P4070061The sun…..

the water the waves the friends…. it was a special day…


in fact if you need any fun lessons,

                                    these girls can help you!


Check out the photos below….

and of course my fav photo…


goofy face time again…..with KayakPower!


Get your ya ya’s..

April 8, 2012 by mike swope

Sorry that’s a different blog…O yes the Intro class..


We what can I say, it was a great class, a great day and loads of fun…..


Hey we also bring out a paddle board too…check it out…


In fact check out all the photos below too….

Get your spot reserved for the next intro class…


and Stop dreaming…. and START Paddling!


With Kayakpower!

OK how about a update…

April 5, 2012 by mike swope

Utah was a blast,, of sand and cold and fun!



Wanda is now our lead SUP instructor…fresh off her

Florida certification and get ready set and board or first

women only sup class is in May!


Sorry she’s still shy about

showing her face!!!



And we were in Sport Fishing magazine…check it out..


“Kayak Power

A guide to the ever-expanding power options available to kayak anglers “

OK its not really about  us but it does say…Kayak Power!


We also did our first swim race of the year with


It was in Los Colinas at Lake Carolyn….


We’ll need volunteers for the next 6 months…every 5th of

the month at the lake in Los Colinas 6pm to 8pm…


And you know what’s next…….



Saturday Grapevine Lake at

Rockledge Park…..

Same price as 2011, in fact as 10, 09 , 08 ,and 07

jeez we have NOT

raised out prices in 6 years..

See why were the best value in

North Texas Paddling!

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Free return to class

Free Kayak rental

for each student

Free Safety Equipment

Completely turn key

we provide 100%

And ..


call us

214 669 1663

email us


tm us at

214 669 1663

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