We did a double….

We supported our friends at Playtri on there swim race


thanks to Mary, Bubba, Wanda, Brian and of course Todd too.

This race was at Hidden Cove park, and you talk about a correctly named location, wow Frisco needs lots and lots of road work!!! The detour to enter the park was 7 turns through a new development, Please Frisco hurry the roads!

Anyway…back to the race it was a success, the weather worked in our favor and we got to paddle a cool location of the lake.  Hope to see you at the next Playtri event too!


High Adventure Treks or HATS had a Dad’s and Son’s and

a Dad’s and Daughters weekend on Lake Whitney at Lofers Bend. By the way who names these locations on water?? and does that job pay well??  Sorry back to Hats…


We had a small group…by “Hats” standards  less than 20!

It was the guys and the girls together so we had some fun

with that too! The Dad’s were great (as usual) and we got

a lot of kayaking in for the entire group.


Thanks to Dave and Alex and Steve and Sara we had lots

of support, and lest we forget Ricardo and his son were

super in their performance too keeping us on the water!


We even had time for some paddling boarding too!



Check out all the photos below…



      Don’t just paddle a kayak….

                   Paddle it with                 


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