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Happy Holiday!

May 25, 2012 by mike swope

OK let the blitz begin……

Playtri Kids Triathlon, Hats Lake Whitney, TxMan Tri, and

the LLELA report too….. What you thought you were busy?

P L E A S E ………


Hat’s does Whitney… this was a larger group but

O so much fun with the Dad’s and the Daughters, and the

wind below 30 mph too!


We had some land time, some lunch time and of course..

some paddle time too…..



Balance was the theme for the weekend with HATS!

We looking forward to summer and water in the SM river

with HATS too!

see all the photos below…..here is a teaser….


H A P P Y   P A D D L E R S   W I T H   K P C !!!


Get you group ….off the porch and in the action w/ KPC!



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