Swim Across America

Making waves to fight cancer, literally in fact,

and what a great cause too!


It’s a lot like a tri except the racers only swim, and have fun


We get our volunteers together and talk about the course,

talk about the different lengths of races and of course…

talk about why we enjoy paddling so much we get up


at the crack of dawn to go paddle with friends old and new!


Here’s one the “rabbit’s” leading the swimmers around the

course, there were 3 different distance to the race, 1/2

mile, 1 mile and for the really adventurous….2 miles!

So we had 3 different rabbits to lead the swimmers on the

different courses.


This is what the first start wave looked like…from the water



we had a close eye on the swimmers and with the support

of the Coast Guard and the Dallas Fire Department too!



Can you tell who had their coffee and who did not??

Check out all the racy swim photos and of course

the group photo too………………….enjoy!




Join us on at the TollTag Tri in Lewisville next Sunday!

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