Time Change S4

OK OK it was my bad, we updated the time on the calendar and it should have changed the blogs and the other sites too but it did not……..I’m sorry if we missed you!

We got back from the other 2 gigs and to the lake about

12:30 and we had a crew ready to go, in fact we got them on the water asap….


in fact we were in such a hurry…… we did a kayaking waiver signing….our first in fact…


Thanks   TRACY!  you ROCK!


We got our Adventure crew from Conrad HS out and they

well……got trashed, those darn high school kids!



and check this out………they have    s t y l e      too!!!




O U T S T A N D I N G !!!!

We had the Girly’s out too!

and the GS Mom’s as well

they were a little reserved…..



but we were finally able to break them out the their shell…


bunny ears never hurt to lighten the mood either!


And now the awards….

The biggest trash award….. a car part!

P6090440When you get something that

as large as your kayak you know you done good!

And the smallest trash…..P6090441

No this is a set up for the photo, this is his water , he had a

huge bag of trash as did everyone……..yeah!


                               S E E!!!

Check out your trash photo and all the photos too!



Thanks to all the volunteers we look forward to

see you on the Second Saturday in July too!!!





We Race We Support We Teach We Clean We have FUN!

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