Railroad + Lewisville = ???

Triathlon, and Playtri     TRI in fact!


And check this out…. the fountains were on for the race,

water going up 40 + feet in the air…. way cool!



So we got our rabbit..

thanks Dave!



we got the racers…..


Thanks Racers!!!


and we had some fun!



Did you know ……out of all the swimmers we only had to

help one very very nice young lady….



And yes this is a “feel good” blog….


she did finish the race!


It was her first time………were so proud!!!


Check out the team that keeps em safe on the water……


       Are you a highly skilled lifeguard or kayaker??


We want you on the the next race !!!!


Here are the photo set, sorry its on the smaller side..



Next Race Benbrook Lake June 24th!

See ya on the water!

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