Dallas A&BG kids….part Dux!

Kayaking is so much more fun when you bring your friends!


We got lucky this year with the weather and the wind on

both days with the kids….. and just in case you don’t

remember, we do this paddle day on a volunteer basis

this might be the only time these kids get a chance to

kayak and learn about paddling, so were happy to help!


Learning how and why you hold a paddle….


Learning how to launch and recover your kayak….


Learning how to be rescued too…..very important!


the whole crew water born and ready for the splashing!



how could you not love those smiling faces!!!


checkout all the pictures below and join us in 2013 for the

new group of future paddlers and future leaders too!


Special Thanks to ANN from the DA&BG for her support


Miles from the WRBC for letting use this great club too!


Don’t forget to get your kids group out with us too..


Don’t just kayak………KayakPower!

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