Little Elm, Big TICKET!

Tri NOW was “the” ticket” today, ahem…along with others!

They came….. They Raced…… they won!


Kids RULE!

Frank Starts the 1st of many a successful racers today!


Water Safety and Support provided by KayakPower.Com


Medical & Lifeguards provided by Capital Medical


Also joining us the Little Elm Marine Unit



Thanks to the volunteers, and don’t worry we’ll

see about some ticket help too!



Just a few of the folks that woke up before 5am volunteered for the race support and got a ticket for

parking without a trailer? Little Elm…..come on man!

OK OK enough… I get it, the focus point was the racers

See them race below!


Got race support needs? Contact KayakPower.Com

We’re the answer to your question, with KAYAKS!

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