PlayTri Beat the heat

We made it to hidden cove park on the north east side of Lake Lewisville, this is a really neat part of the lake..


As with most tri’s it s sunrise start, but we like that…a lot!


Monica the head Life Guard and WSI was on hand too

Just FYI she left to go across the pond to compete in the

world kayak polo championships …GO MONICA!!!





We also had the good men and women from Coppell and the united States Coast Guard Rev on hand, to bad none of their cool toys were needed!!


We had Randy on a Jetski too, Hey Randy!!!!!


And we had lots of swimmers/racers too….


This was a friend of mine’s 1st open water swim…

She wanted me to follow her but frankly I had a hard time keeping up!  Look at that great stroke!!!  You go girl!!!!

Check out all the photos from the water and the kayak safety team too!


looks like that wet camera thing is catching….. yikes!


Thanks Staci, for letting us come out and play with PlayTri!


Need your Tri covered for Water Safety?

Who you going to call…..   KayakPower… of course!


Next PlayTri   Stonebridge in September!

Volunteers Needed!

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