High Adventure Treks

Hits the River in San Marcos…


Some had paddled with us before and were well skilled

Some were paddling with us for the first time & were about

to be…. well skilled!


Let me cut to the chase… give us a little time and we’ll

give you this!



I don’t want to name names, but this is one of our

newest superstars!!!


We got the Dad’s a little action too!


Some… a little more than others!

If we could change a thing or too…


Hum….. First NO Toobs on the river,

Second  No Toobs on the river…

We had a great run early but the second run we

were joined by the entire freshman class of TSU!

O well, we called it a learning experience for the girls!

We still had a blast..

Check out this action gif..

And check out these photos too,

but you’ve been warned…there’s a bunch!


And Steve did it again too

Check em out!

Thanks to Jeff for letting us be a small part of the fun!

CD’s are going out on Friday,

Get your group out have fun and learn a skill too!

Don’t just Kayak………

KayakPower !

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