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High Adventure Treks

September 11, 2012 by mike swope

Hits the River in San Marcos…


Some had paddled with us before and were well skilled

Some were paddling with us for the first time & were about

to be…. well skilled!


Let me cut to the chase… give us a little time and we’ll

give you this!



I don’t want to name names, but this is one of our

newest superstars!!!


We got the Dad’s a little action too!


Some… a little more than others!

If we could change a thing or too…


Hum….. First NO Toobs on the river,

Second  No Toobs on the river…

We had a great run early but the second run we

were joined by the entire freshman class of TSU!

O well, we called it a learning experience for the girls!

We still had a blast..

Check out this action gif..

And check out these photos too,

but you’ve been warned…there’s a bunch!


And Steve did it again too

Check em out!

Thanks to Jeff for letting us be a small part of the fun!

CD’s are going out on Friday,

Get your group out have fun and learn a skill too!

Don’t just Kayak………

KayakPower !

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